Aromatherapy Basic Course
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Cosmetology Basic Course
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Weight Management & Slimming Course
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Accupressure & Reflexology For Beauty
Electrotherapy Beauty Treatments
International Make-Up Course
International Hair Styling Course
  ASHOK BASOTIA is a well known authority in India in the field of health & Beauty Science. He is a renowned Aromatherapist, Herbalist and Holistic Health & Beauty Consultant and Trainer. The Courses/trainings conducted by him on Aromatherapy in particular and other Health & Beauty Sciences in general are regarded today as the most prestigious in Health & Beauty world.  

Hi, I received my oils this morning, they smell wonderful and I look forward to introducing my clients, family and friends to them. Thank you for such a speedy delivery!

Thank you for providing such wonderful pure products at a wonderful price. I'm a new user of essential oils and choose to use them for personal care, aromatherapy, and in making my own housecleaners.

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Al l the courses conducted by us are not Recognised by any Government Department or Authority and are conducted on Private Basis. The purpose of the courses are to provide general people, the Basic idea and knowledge of the particular subject and not to make them clinical professional or Doctor or to conduct treatments of other people etc.