About Our Institution

ASHOK BASOTIA is a well known authority in India in the field of health & Beauty Science. He is a renowned Aromatherapist, Herbalist and Holistic Health & Beauty Consultant and Trainer. The Courses/Trainings conducted by him on Aromatherapy in particular and other Health & Beauty. Sciences in general are regarded today as the most prestigious in Health & Beauty world. His Scientific approach makes the subject very Interesting, Details and highly informative .To impact Scientific Training, he established in 1996 "INDIAN INSTITUTE OF AROMATHERAPY & NATURAL CARE". Under the banner those trained were many of India's renowned beauty parlours, spas etc. Most of them doing very well not in India only but in various countries like USA, UK, DUBAI, BANGLADESH etc. To include more subjects of Health & Beauty, in 2005 Dr. Basotia established another institute," WELLNESS LIFE INSTITUTE" with all modern infrastructure including Audio-visual equipments like computers, multimedia projector, slides etc.

Indian Institute of Aromatherapy & Cosmetology                   Indian Institute of Aromatherapy & Cosmetology


Health Services promotes, maintains and improves the health and well-being of the campus community. This is accomplished by providing prevention-based health promotion programs and services, health counseling and co-curricular learning opportunities. We collaborate with others in the community to create an environment that supports the inherit wellness potential of all individuals.


To have students who are health literate, having the capacity to obtain, interpret, and understand basic health information and services and the competence to use this knowledge in ways which enhance health.

Statement of Beliefs

  We believe in an individual's inherent self worth and potential for growth.
  We believe in treating all individuals with respect and dignity.
  We believe in the value, effectiveness and efficiency of prevention.
  We believe social justice is necessary for health and well-being.
  We believe in the importance of diversity and acceptance of self and others.
  We believe wellness consists of the interconnection of mind, body and spirit.
  We believe individuals are at various points on the continuum of self-growth and learning and that education support and advocacy can move people along the continuum.
  We believe in the highest standard of professionalism, with emphasis on ethical behavior and ensuring confidentiality.
  We believe in fostering the development of personal freedoms, individual integrity, compassion and insight.
  We believe in the importance of a safe and supportive environment for all individuals.
  We believe in the importance of accurate, objective and accessible educational information.
  We believe in the need to challenge ourselves and others through open, honest, direct communication in order to promote personal growth.
  We believe that we can best create community change in collaboration with others.
  We believe in continued professional development.
  We believe in the value of humor and fun.