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We are very busy these days and only add testimonials periodically, but keep them coming in, they are very helpful and we love them. We will put them up as soon as we can. As you will see by reading the years and pages of testimonial: we are a real essential oil company that cares that you are getting the very best and will be here for many years to come. Best wishes,


I received my oils this morning, they smell wonderful and I look forward to introducing my clients, family and friends to them. Thank you for such a speedy delivery!

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for providing such wonderful pure products at a wonderful price. I'm a new user of essential oils and choose to use them for personal care, aromatherapy, and in making my own housecleaners. I look forward to experimenting with your products (safely, of course) and buying from your company in the future.

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Hello Dr. Basotia,

Thank you for your products,I use to import many herbal products from abroad for my parlour .But now I found your products very effective n helpful for my clients problems.These are really very authentic n genuine Herbals based products.

Regard n Blessing,
June Tomkyns

Helloooooo Sir,

It further persuades me that you're really serious about providing excellent oils, too. Love your products, and I like the info you provide about the testing you do. I've looked at other sites and you seem pretty unique.

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Dear Sir,

I am always pleased to receive oils from Dr. Basotia. I now use your oils exclusively as I like your company mission, your commitment to the environment and superior product. Thank you for going the

Extra Mile!

Hi Sir,

I just wanted to tell you that I've received your essential oils. They are all very high-quality, concentrated and pure. I am very satisfied with them. Thanks.

Thank you so much.

Hi Sir,

I wanted let you know my oils arrived safe and sound...it has been awhile since I have had my favorite oils..to use...to enjoy. Rose, Neroli, Jasmine, Sandalwood, and Lavender, and are my all time favorites. I am so grateful to be able to have these oils available for me to use both professionally and personally.

Knowing I have a place to obtain great quality oils, I am always grateful to you all at DR. BASOTIA

Many Blessings!, Thank you so much.